BitPoll Licence Overview

The BitPoll project is free software and released under the GNU General Public License in version 3 or later. You can obtain a copy of the source code at our GitHub project.


  • Nils Rokita
  • Mareike Schmidt
  • Pascal Wichmann
  • Paul Bienkowski

Third party libraries

DjangoDjango Software Foundation and individual contributorsBSD License (3-clause)
jQueryjQuery Foundation, Inc. and other contributorsMIT License
Bootstrap CSSTwitter Inc.MIT License
python-ldappython-ldap projectPython style
django-widget-tweaksMikhail KorobovMIT License
SentryFunctional Software, Inc and individual contributorsBSD License (3-clause)
pytzStuart BishopMIT License
DateTimePicker jQuery pluginXDSoftMIT License
django-markdown-appSlavik SvyrydiukGPL v3
django-piplineAndreas Pelme, Timothée PeignierMIT License
LibsasscompilerJohanderson MogollonMIT License
django-simple-cspNils Rokita, Henning PridöhlMIT License

Third-party assets

Glyphicons Halflings (as part of Bootstrap)Jan KovaříkSee bootstrap licenseSome icons in buttons
FontawesomeFonticons, Inc.SIL OFL 1.1Font used in BitPoll
Noto Color EmojiGoogle Inc.SIL Open Font License v1.1 (OFL-1.1)Font used in BitPoll
RobotoChristian RobertsonApache License, Version 2.0Font used in BitPoll